Why UPVC Sash Windows?

Sash windows are usually associated with traditional Victorian style properties. The windows were made of wood, with single glazing which meant they weren’t very efficient in terms of heat loss and were sometimes tricky to paint and repair.

Modern UPVC sash windows combine the traditional eye catching looks but offer all the efficiency and style benefits of today’s technology including :

  • A choice of shape and size to fit the needs and style of your home
  • Traditional looking handle and hinges
  • Built in ventilation
  • A choice of colours
  • Easy to clean
  • Aliminium security bars for peace of mind
  • Manufactured to today’s exacting standards
  • 10 year guarantee

Whilst sash windows are increasingly popular for new homes most of our customers want to replace existing sash windows, usually wooden ones that have started to rot away.

Naturally many our customers who are thinking of replacing sash windows have questions they want to ask, as I’m sure you will.

To help you here are some of the most popular questions we get asked:

Will a modern sash window reduce heat loss and thus cut my heating bills?

Replacing a traditional single glazed sash window with a modern double glazed one will immediately increase the comfort of your home. Rooms will warm up quicker when you turn the heating on and the cold draughts that used to come around the edges of the old windows will be a thing of the past.

U-values measure energy efficiency with the lower the value the better the efficiency.

As a guide a single glazed sash window has a U value of about 5.1

A modern uPVC double glazed sash window has a U value of 1.7

Make that a triple glazed window and it becomes around 0.9 – that’s almost six times more efficient than the single glazed sash window

What is the difference between wood and uPVC in terms of lifespan?

Traditional wooden sash windows have a long lifespan but they do need regular maintenance – varnishing and painting otherwise they may start to rot.

uPVC sash windows have a 10 year guarantee and require no regular maintenance or painting.

Modern uPVC windows are manufactured to last significantly longer than 10 years – in most cases at least 30 years.

Is there a price difference between wooden and uPVC sash windows?

As a rule of thumb a uPVC sash window will cost around half the price of a same sized wooden one.

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